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Bring the Family Dog on Holiday

Unlike much of the conservation estate, the Nydia Track does allow dogs.  This means it’s possible to plan a tramp and take your best canine friend along with you, while you explore the farmland and forests of the Nydia Track.

There are some key things you need to know in advance.

  • On the Track Lodge does welcome well-behaved dogs when their owners are staying at the lodge.  However, there is a strict rule that dogs, no matter how lovely, are not allowed inside any of the lodge buildings including the bedrooms.  We provide comfortable, dry and cozy canine accommodation close to the rooms but please ring in advance to secure your dog’s sleeping space.
    One guest actually chose to bring a tent so he could sleep outside with his dog incase it got nervous during the night, while the rest of his group enjoyed the chalet accommodation –- that was absolutely fine with us, as long as people are aware, we can’t bend the rules around dogs inside the lodge.
  • Bob Dylan is our resident canine.  He is a friendly chap and it’s important your own dog is also well mannered around people and other animals, including stock and wildlife.
  • On the Nydia Track itself, your dog will have a great time with you.  You must contact the Department of Conservation a few days in advance of your planned visit.  They will send you a list of questions about you and your dog, and when they receive that information, will send you all the maps, permit and necessary information.   For example, dogs must stay on a leash while walking the track.
  • There is no charge for a DoC dog permit but you must apply in advance and also carry a copy of it with you.  Of course, you are expected to keep your dog under control at all times, ensure it is not a nuisance to other people or animals and clean up your dog’s dropping every single time.
  • Some DoC offices also run weka aversion training and you might want to talk to your local DoC office about this.  It is an offense to knowingly kill, injure or disturb protected native species.
  • If you are connecting with a water taxi service, most boats welcome dogs aboard – but give them a call in advance to double-check.

Dog at Nydia Bay

We want everyone – human, animal and bird to enjoy the Nydia Bay area safely.

For Dog permits contact the Nelson DoC office –

To let us know you are bringing your dog along –

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